April 11, 2017

As I gear up to start my busiest wedding season ever, engagement shoots keep me in tune with my creative edge. Theresa and Mick’s wedding is June 3, 2017. We had an engagement shoot scheduled it seems like a dozen times, but we had to cancel due to the weather being so nasty. I knew […]

January 27, 2017

It was the last wedding of the year. December 10, 2016. I was hoping for some snow as was Jessica and David, however, all we got was cold. That did not stop anyone from having a great time. The couple’s reception took place at Samuel’s Grande Manor. This was a rare 10:00 AM ceremony followed […]

January 25, 2017

Baird Point and Glen Park were the sites for Diana and Tim’s engagement shoot. And they brought their new family member with them, Logan! What a gorgeous little puppy, all of 8 months old. After some nice shots at UB’s Baird Point, it was off to Glen Park where we just beat the rain. It […]

January 25, 2017

Sarah and Mike wanted to go urban for their engagement shoot, so it was off to Buffalo Riverworks first. I have been there once before at night, but this was the first time I have experienced this place during the day and I was finally able to see everything it has to offer. What a […]

December 2, 2016

2016 was the year of new venues for me as a wedding photographer and Courtney and Charlie’s wedding was no exception. These two were made for each other. Both work in the wildlife industry and work in Alaska! They came home to get married in front of family and friends at Genesee Country Village and […]